Bloodwood Menswear
Suite 10190
145-157 St John Street
London EC1V 4PW
United Kingdom

Ph: (+44) 20 8242 6281

Mobile:  (+44) 777 600 1823

Email:    david (at) bloodwood (dot) org


Please leave a comment below and I’ll respond as soon as possible.

5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Sabera Chowdhury says:

    Dear Dr Bloodwood

    I came across your writing/website after “googling” wanting to know about the main ideas behind the men’s movement. The reason for this is I had just read the following article on the Huffington Post, which led me to wonder what the positive / empowered masculine stance needs to be in the world at this time

    I don’t know if this would be possible for you, and perhaps asking too much of your time, but I wondered what your take is on the current situation of the destruction of our ecosystem, and what response, if any, is required from women and men i.e. humanity in order to heal the planet and heal ourselves, if again that is needed. Do you feel, as does Dr Vaughan-Lee that a reconnection to the sacredness within all of life is key?, and how do men need to be and respond, and what needs to change?

    As a woman for me it certainly feels strange that we are at a time where women as a whole need somehow to return to honour the sacredness of her deepest nature by recognising and reconnecting with it, so that a deep wound can be healed. My question is two-fold: what is the male counterpart of this firstly, and then perhaps even more importantly, do you have a vision for a further step which would enable the coming together of a fully empowered masculine and feminine – and is there a lexicon and paradigm for this “third” way of being and relating in our world? Surely is there not a need for a new way of being men and women in relationship to ourselves and each other in order to allow the birth of a new world?

    I would be really interested to hear your views if you had any. I am aware I may not have expressed and articulated my thoughts that clearly but I hope you might get a basic understanding.

    Thank you.

    Yours sincerely

    Sabera Chowdhury

    (by the way, I love the name)

  2. Sandera, thanks very much for your invitation to discuss this. I have been considering the issues, but don’t have time to respond immediately. However I will be able to respond adequately by the end of March.
    Thanks again!

  3. davemcwish says:

    Saw this via a Yahoo Forum. As I regularly purchase items from ‘the other side’, mainly for cut, I’m ingtrigued.

    • Dave by “the other side” do you mean “women’s” garments? If so, you’ve come the right spot. Garments from the womenswear section have long been part of my wardrobe, partly as you say for the cut, e.g. pants, tops, t-shirts, pullovers etc. And, I might add, for the range of colours too! Also garments such as skirts, dresses, gowns, and stockings (which historically were standard male wear) highlight quite different aspects of male bodies.

  4. edwood woodwood says:

    I had a dog I called him edwood woodwood

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