When you download each essay, you’ll find an abstract at the beginning, enabling you to get a quick overview of the contents without reading the whole thing.

Note about Printing:
The pdfs are formatted to be easily readable when printed at 2 pages per sheet.

Repositioning “Men” in Gender Theory

Most gender theory sees men as resisting change because they benefit from the status quo. This essay argues such a view reflects a problem with theory rather than a problem with men, and highlights where the theoretical problem lies.
Full Text  (pdf, 151kb)        5,320 words

Politics, Emotionality and Disruptive Men

Politics supposedly represents the interests of privileged men. But ‘politics’ ‘men’ and ‘gender’ are restrictive normative categories themselves.  So how can men possibly disrupt this neat all-encompassing system?  This essay makes some novel suggestions.
Full Text   (pdf, 178kb)       4,500 words

Men’s Interests in Change

I use a simple “centralisation” model to argue that when the full costs of masculinity for men are fully revealed, those costs and their pains can become a direct personal motivation for men to undertake change .
Full Text   (pdf, 161kb)       5,150 words

The Price Men Pay: Individualism, Privilege and Masculinity

Social contract theory produces the modern individual in a high-tension mix of power and isolation. This essay argues men pay the highest price of all through separation from our bodies and from others, and muting our unique biographical characteristics.
Full Text   (pdf, 215kb)       4,500 words

The Dangers of Romantic Love

Is romantic love more dangerous for women than for men? Feminists say yes, but I argue romantic love is equally dangerous for men, leaving men vulnerable to women’s superior skills and moral authority in intimacy.
Full Text   (pdf, 48kb)       2,950 words

New Possibilities for Men:Reconceptualising Men’s Engagement with Gender Change

The modern view of intimacy is tied to a specific picture of self which has been developed mostly by women. But men can develop autonomy in intimate relationships, enabling empowering responses to personal life crises, and more personal security in the face of major social changes from feminism and globalisation.
Full Text   (pdf, 471kb)       17,660 words

“Disruptive” Men and Feminist Ethics

New ideas in feminist ethics can support men who disrupt conventions of masculinity. This essay explores 2 topics: a crtique of the “ideal moral agent” and the limits of the moral domain, and “moving on” after perpetrating abuse.
Full Text   (pdf, 83kb)       3,150 words

Ideologies of the Men’s Movement

A map of the origins of the main ideas in the Men’s Movement in the mid 90s, and an examination of goals and strategies of the 3 most influential ideas: pro-feminism, mythopoets and men’s rights.
Full Text  (pdf, 158kb)       2,270 words

Killing and Beauty

We must kill other beings in order live, so how might we kill ethically? In this essay I suggest we need an ‘ethics of beauty’, in which direct ‘erotic’ perceptions of beauty tell us we are deeply connected to others.
Full Text   (pdf, 110kb)       3,815 words

The Problem of Suffering

Suffering is usually seen as bad and should be minimised. But we cause suffering to others simply because we are alive. So WHEN we cause suffering, what basis should we use to judge its moral acceptability?
Full Text  (pdf, 76kb)       2,300 words

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