This page has the transcripts of talks I’ve given recently, including the graphics and slides I showed in the talk.  Files are pdfs.

When you download each talk, you’ll find an abstract at the beginning, enabling you to get a quick overview of the contents without reading the whole thing.

Note about Printing:
Pdfs are formatted to be easily readable when printed at 2 pages per sheet.

Inspiring more choices for men

Men can take action to disrupt the narrowness of gender, empower ourselves and enrich out lives.  One way to express this politics is by wearing different clothes.  A 10 minute talk given at the 1st UK Conference for Men and Boys, Brighton, 2011.
Full text | 1,200 words

Three minute thesis

The annual 3 minute thesis competition encourages postgraduate students to present their thesis project in 3 minutes to a general audience.  This talk is a quick introduction to my PhD thesis “Theorising progressive change among men.”
Full text | 420 words

The power of symbol in the symbol of power

This 40 minute talk explores how we can distinguish between actual men and the immense symbolic significance of maleness as a core ingredient in social legitimacy.  I argue that Connell’s “hegemonic masculinity” fails to make this distinction, and hence does not assist in analysing the actual realities for most men.
Full text | 3,935 words

Fostering change among men

This 40 minute talk (with diagrams) argues that Connell’s ‘masculinities’ theory frames most men as an obstacle to progressive change because of its theoretical foundations.  I present an alternative theory of hegemony which shows that the legitimacy available to men via patriarchy occurs only in specific discourses. Using this theory academics can lead the creation of new discourses which legitimate men but not at the expense of women.
Full text | 4,120 words

Theorising men’s power and vulnerability

Pro-feminism focuses on men’s power while the mythopoetic men’s movement is based on men’s vulnerability. Both themes are useful but there is no theory which adequately bridges both schools of thought.  Further developing the earlier work in “Fostering change among men” (above), my theory enables us to see that any single man can be variously powerful and vulnerable in different areas of his life. (25 minutes, with diagrams)
Full text | 2,245 words

From Intervention to Inspiration

This 20 minute talk focuses on shifting academic discussion from seeing men as a ‘problem’ which requires ‘intervention’ to inspiring leadership towards progressive change.  For example the notion of equality, core to feminism, can be viewed in a longer historical context in which men stand to benefit by adopting a more modern equality-as-inclusion.
Full text | 2,140 words

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  1. Inspiring more choices for men: beautifully introduced points. Inspiring indeed.

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